Moviegoer’s warning to anyone about to see Incredibles 2

By Ally Parker June 18, 2018

It’s forced Disney to put up their own warnings.

Incredibles 2 has been all over the news today after smashing the box office (thanks to the 14 years between flicks, kids who watched the first movie are now adults with $$$) but one woman isn't quite so keen.

Twitter user Veronica Lewis posted a warning to the legit thousands of us flocking to the cinema explaining that the film poses a risk to those with photosensitive epilepsy.

“So, the villain’s weapon of choice in the movie is bright white lights that are at a rapidly flashing/ strobing frequency, with the intent to disorient people,” Lewis explained in a tweet thread.

“One of these scenes lasts over 90 seconds with continuous strobe light, other scenes last anywhere from 5-30 seconds.” 

"These scenes are also spread out across the movie and often come without warning," she continued.

"My descriptive audio device warned me about the larger scenes, but other times it was light strobe lights came out of nowhere for no reason."

Since Veronica spoke out about the issue, a number of cinemas - and Disney - have added warnings:

Epilepsy Action Australia report that around 250,000 Australians have been diagnosed with the neurological disorder. 

They define it as a "disease of the brain characterised by spontaneous, recurrent seizures. It is the fourth most common brain disorder after migraine, stroke and Alzheimers Disease."

Image: Incredibles 2 / Disney