The Netflix hidden feature taking the Internet by storm

By Ally Parker June 5, 2018

It was here the whole time?!

We have to thank Chelsea Peretti for many things.

While like eight of those are directly linked to her Brooklyn Nine Nine character Gina Linetti, there's at least one we can attribute to her penchant for Twitter.

In fact, the comedian took to Twitter today to retweet on behalf of The People and for that, we thank her as she has revealed a Netflix feature that most were unaware of.

The whole thing started when Netflix Philippines responded to another user who tweeted, "Netflix Philippines doesnt have @chelseaperetti's One of The Greats :-( @Netflix_PH pls fix." Netflix then responded with a link to title request page with the words, "You know the drill".

Only to be thwarted by Chels who saw injustice and sprung* into action.

*see: tweeted a response two days later.


Apparently there has been an official outlet - outside of social media raging - with which to say, 'PLEASE PUT THE LIZZIE MCGUIRE MOVIE ON NETFLIX YOU HACKS".

The requests page gives us mere mortals the chance to send Netflix three suggestions we'd like available at our fingertips. Look, it's a pretty paltry bone to throw, but whatevs.

It also provides a link explaining why titles are removed which is all well and good, but doesn't bring 30 Rock back does it?

Does it?

Image: Getty / kasnv