Paul McCartney delights in Melbourne

By Staff Writer December 8, 2017

We're still trying to get over the fact we saw a Beatle live in concert

The legendary Sir Paul McCartney graced AAMI Park last night, in his first Melbourne appearance since 1993, proving to be every bit worth the 24 year wait.

After an hour of DJ delivered Beatles remixes to warm up the crowd, McCartney hit the stage running at 8.15pm, opening with A Hard Day’s Night to an adoring crowd. 

What followed were 3 hours of brilliant music and showmanship, delivered in simple perfection, the way only the very elite can.

Varying from Beatles classic’s like Can’t Buy Me Love, Love Me Do, Back In The USSR and Yesterday, to Wings fan favourites and even the first song ever recorded by The Quarrymen, a little ditty called In Spite Of All The Danger. McCartney took us on a Magical Mystery Tour through his incredible career.

And it was this ability to bring us into his world that fans yet to attend should be looking most forward to. McCartney recalled days gone by, sharing his musings, poking fun, and inducing a feeling of wonder and comfort usually reserved for armchairs and cups of tea, not arenas.

He recalled the days of sharing impromptu taxi rides with his mates Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, or seeing Jimi Hendrix call on Eric Clapton to begrudgingly tune his guitar after covering a Beatles hit. He dedicated songs to Linda and Nancy, spoke of his daughter and applauded John and George. 

He played guitars and keys and ukuleles, had us singing to Hey Jude, and dancing to Live And Let Die. He brought tears to our eyes with Blackbird and had us pinching ourselves during Let It Be. 

Melbourne fans were treated to a 40 song setlist - the complete history and experience that is one of the world’s most significant musicians of all time, in a night that will not be easily forgotten, and incredibly hard to top.

Image credit: Getty Images/Sam Tabone

AUTHOR: Nova's Music Writer, Kirsten Maree