Is this person responsible for Jarrod and Keira's breakup?

By Marni Dixit September 10, 2018
Keira Maguire Jarrod Woodgate

“There were real trust issues.”

Jarrod Woodgate dumped Keira Maguire via text and moved out of their Melbourne home last month, now Woman’s Day is reporting there may have been someone in the wings who was possibly responsible for the split. ​

Jarrod’s close friend Chris Kenny is reportedly the first person Jarrod turned to after breaking up with Keira with sources telling the magazine he may have been one of the reasons behind the split.

Apparently, Keira was insecure about how close Jarrod is to Chris, a friend of the couple said she hated how much time they spent together:

"Even though Jarrod was besotted with her, there were real trust issues.”

The publication also reports the reason behind the split was because Keira couldn’t handle Jarrod’s kinky sexual history. 

A source said:

"When he was in (The Bachelorette) mansion he regularly bragged to the boys that he'd has more than a thousand sexual partners.”

"Initially they didn't think it was true but he was very open about how he enjoyed using different sex toys, aids and harnesses - and even had a room with contraptions in it."

Fifty shades of Jarrod?

Image: Keira Maguire/Instagram