Pia Miller hits back at haters on Instagram

By Ally Parker July 18, 2018

Some people...

Today's edition of 'Celebrities Don't Owe You Sh*t' is brought to us -sadly - by Pia Miller.

The former Home & Away star has had the literal gamut of negative comments flung at her on the 'gram after she posted a fire bikini pic.

Before we detail just how weird and ugly it all got, let us preface by saying nothing gives anyone to right to comment on someone else's body. Especially to their face (which, in case you didn't know, an Instagram comment is the Internet equivalent of). 

Comments ranged from "weird", "ugly" and a host of comments about how her stomach looks weird.

The piece de resistance however?

"You look absolutely beautiful, Pia, but I must say it is a bit inconsiderate / tasteless to wear a holy symbol in a bikini shot. Wish a lot of blessings to you and your family," one comment read.

Pia, the graceful swan she is, responded by writing:

"My grandmother left it for me and it never comes off."

escaped that winter gloom @tyson_mullane #justanotherchickinthewall

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Pia also hit back against the BS en masse via comment-covered Instagram story.

The mother-of-two added her own explainations for each 'complaint' (which, she def doesn't have to do, but some people can't play nice):

"Two kids, a couple of emergency ops and a necklace in memory of my abuela," she wrote on the story. 


Overwhelmingly, commenters had Pia's back. Telling her to ignore the negativity.

"Are some people serious," one person wrote.

"I think you look absolutely stunning an beautiful, i would not listen to negative vibes.. you are absolutely incredible."

We'll say it once again for the people in the back:

Nothing gives you the right to comment (especially publicly) on someone else's body.


Image: Instagram / Pia Miller

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