Pia Miranda Is Officially 2019's Sole Survivor

By Ally Parker September 18, 2019

Well played Pia.

Pia Miranda has officially taken out the title of Sole Survivor for 2019.

Not only did Pia manage to get to the final few, she also endured a SEVEN HOUR final challenge which she compared to childbirth.

“I was in constant pain, especially towards the end," Baden told news.com.au of the challenge.

"I honestly don’t know how I lasted that long. On the one side, I had Harry comparing it to the pain of breaking his leg, and on the other side I had Pia comparing the pain to childbirth. I haven’t done either of those things, but oh my god,” he said.

Baden somewhat surprisingly won the torturous session, voting out Harry (Oh Baden, you sweet summer fool) and setting himself up against Pia.

It was Pia however, who managed to convince the tribal council of booted contestants that she should be the winner.

“I put most of you on that jury except for you, Janine. I did go to 20 tribal councils, my name only came up in four and I was never under threat," she told the panel.

"I was always that slippery little sucker that was there and you didn’t know you needed to get me until it was too late. As lovers of Survivor, I hope that you will vote for the person who played the best strategic game, and I think we all know 100 pre cent that that was me."

P.S. The news comes after Survivor fans kicked up a GoFundMe for booted contestant Luke Toki. At time of writing fans have donated $443,242 towards the $500,000 goal - the prize he would have earned on Survivor. 

Image: Instagram / Pia Miranda