Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Palace staff threaten strike

By Huna A February 24, 2016
kate middleton kensington palace strike

People who work at Prince William and Duchess Kate’s London residence have threatened to go on strike.

Employees at Kensington Palace have threatened to go on strike over proposed pay cuts. Palace officials are trying to decrease the Palace budget and are targeting the employees who work in the sections open to the public. 

Each employee will lose £3,000 from their pay each year. That’s nearly $6,000 AUD and will push them below the recommended living wage in the UK. 

kensington palace strike

Most of the employees targeted have worked in the Palace for decades. While they don’t work directly for the Royal couple, they play an important role in the Palace’s everyday activities, tending to exhibits, selling tickets and giving tours to visitors. 

Palace officials have said the employees were given a years notice to prepare for cuts, but still hope to broker a deal that keeps the staff happy. Despite this, the staff are still going to vote on whether they should go on strike or not. 

The threat of a strike can’t be good news for Prince William and the Duchess as both have faced criticism this week for their lack of “work ethic”. 

kate middleton huffington post blogger

Kate copped flack after she skipped out on her “guest editing” role at Huffington Post UK. It was reported the Duchess posed for photos with Huffington Post staff but left after a few hours to go shopping

Prince William has also been given a hard time for only doing two royal engagements this year, despite only working 20-hours a week in his job as a pilot. 

The Palace claimed that his pilot job requires he use his days off for rest rather than completing Royal duties. However, his employers at the Civil Aviation Authority claim there are no rules and the Prince can do whatever he wants on his rest days. 

Tough week for the Royal couple.