This Princess Diana memorial is going viral for all the wrong reasons

By Marni Dixit September 13, 2017

Seriously, seriously bad.

A British town's floral tribute to Princess Diana is getting slammed on social media because people think it looks "horrific" and doesn't really look anything like the Princess of Wales. 

The tribute's on show outside Chesterfield's Market Hall in Derbyshire as part of the town's "well dressing" celebrations which sees people create images made using only natural materials. 

After sharing the snaps on Facebook, Chesterfield Borough Council was met with a number of comments that were... well, not very nice! One user wrote:

"I saw it and thought what an insult to Dianna.. luckily she had a sense of humour and would probably be laughing if she could see it or cared. But still it needs taking down it's not nice at all."

Another jokingly added:

"Our shops our closing, our Market stalls are empty, we have homeless people in our bus station, our football team is crap and now this."

While most of the comments were pretty negative, there were a few positive ones with one user writing:

"It's a genuine effort by people who felt they wanted to create something in a tradition they are skilled in to commemorate something. If people think it should look more like her then perhaps they could all write a letter to the council and ask them to put up a photograph instead. But then it wouldn't be made from flowers. I think it looks nice. Well done Chesterfield Well Dressers. Good effort."

Member of Parliament for Chesterfield, Toby Perkins, has also weighed in on the matter after seeing a tweet about the memorial making one resident scream:

We're not entirely sure it is what she would have wanted, but to be honest, we wouldn't have been good enough to create something that came close to it! 

Image: Getty/David Levenson/Contributor