The Project makes International press for “upsetting” comments in Tim Cahill interview

By Stephanie Nuzzo November 9, 2017
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Peter Helliar and Waleed Aly have found themselves in some pretty hot water after a playful interview with Socceroo Tim Cahill took an uncomfortable turn. 

Speaking about the Aussie national soccer team’s upcoming match against Honduras – which will be held in the Central American country – the two television hosts joked about Cahill’s need to travel into the former “murder capital of the world”. Helliar even jokingly asked Cahill if the team would be playing ISIS next. 

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During the interview Aly told Cahill:

“I was going to get my tickets booked. I was going to fly over there. I decided to do some googling of Honduras and it turns out we’re going to San Pedro Sula which apparently is — or once was — the murder capital of the world. So, anyway, good luck without me…”

Cahill simply told the panel that the team isn’t worried about the location of the match:

“It doesn’t matter where we go for us. It doesn’t matter. We’re there to win and that’s it. There’s nothing holding us back now. We want to go to a fourth consecutive World Cup,” he said.

To which Helliar replied:

“So you beat Syria. Now you’re going to the murder capital of the world. If you win this, I think you play ISIS.”

The Honduran media caught wind of the comments and on Wednesday morning, The Project and its hosts were splashed across the newspapers. Honduras’ El Heraldo newspaper has reported that the country was being “mocked” by “two presenters of a famous Australian night show,” shares. 

Honduras football president Jorge Salomon is even reported to have called a press conference on the incident, telling media that “we are upset with some Australian media that have put the name of Honduras in bad” and that the comments made have “bothered us all…” according to publication Diario Mas.

“Everything that Australian media has published is false, that’s why we want to show you through videos the real Honduras,” he is reported to have said.  

Once in Honduras for the soccer game, Cahill addressed the situation with a statement, reports:

“As players, we respect the country and people, which is most important,” he said.

“What media say is different to what players think.

“I’m happy here in Honduras.

“It is a country I already respect a lot but we want to get a good result in the match.

“I know Victor Bernardez as a player and he used to play for the national team. For [national team veteran Maynor] Figueroa too, we have the utmost respect.

“We’re coming here to play football. It’s about football and enjoying that occasion and us taking in the surroundings.”

Check out more of the interview below:

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