The Queen Is Looking For A Social Media Guru So Sign Us Up

By Krisinda Merhi December 18, 2019


Social media is the way of the world and, it seems, Queen Elizabeth knows it. 

The matriarch is currently looking for a social media manager to help her connect with the plebs and become #instafamous. 

The official job description states that candidates should have experience “managing and editing high-profile websites, social media and other digital formats.”

What about the pay, we hear you ask? The job provides $67,000 AUD a year (or 50K Pounds a year) for 37.5 hours of work, Monday through Friday. The successful applicant would also get free lunch (winner!) and weekends off (seems only fair). 

We can take a mean low angle power shot and can Photoshop Queen Lizzie into a picture next to Trump/Elmo/Princess Diana in about 1 minute. They’re the kind of skills she’s after, right? 

Applications for the role close on December 24. Check it out here. Godspeed. 

Image: Getty, Giphy