Raven Symone doesn't look like this anymore

By Stephanie Nuzzo December 6, 2017
raven symone Disney .jpg

Oh, snap! 

Oh hello everyone who (like me) spent 75 per cent of their tween years watching the Disney Channel

Yo’ fave psychic Raven Symone has popped up on our radar once again because A) she’s still funny as ever and B) she looks nothing like the sassy chick we watched all-the-time on That's So Raven

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The 31-year-old actress and singer, who we absolutely did not stalk on social media during a wave of nostalgia, has done away with her brunette locks and traded them in for a look that none of us could have predicted… a peroxide blonde ‘do with a shaved side. 

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Fans were quick to compliment Ray on her fire new 'do because (obviously) she's a badass and can rock any look. 

“I love this hair and colour on you!!” wrote one fan. 

“Ooohhh pretty hair,” shared another. 

“Raeee I Love You and This Look!” said a third. 

...And if there's anyone out there who thinks otherwise, we have two words for you:

Raven Nasty Disney.gif

Image and gif: Disney

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