A real-life mum recreated Jenna Dewan Tatum’s "naked nap" pic

By Sangeeta Kocharekar January 11, 2017

Comedian Celeste Barber decided to poke fun at Channing Tatum's photo of his wife by sharing a scene from a real-life parent nap

The world's jaws collectively dropped yesterday when Channing Tatum shared a black and white photo of his wife naked in bed with the caption, "Nap time = The Best Time".

Nap time = The Best Time

A photo posted by Channing Tatum (@channingtatum) on

While we were busy staring enviously at the 36-year-old's stunning figure, Celeste Barber was hard at work creating her own nap pic. Forget nudity and forget making it to bed, Celeste's version is something all parents can relate to. 

In her version, the Aussie comedian appears passed out on the couch with her child asleep on top of her. 

Celeste is known to parody celebrity photos tagging hilarious digs at Kourtney Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, and Justin Bieber in the past. 

She told Buzzfeed last year she does it to bring celebrity posts back down to Earth. 

"Some celebrities on Instagram seem to think we, non-rich, non-privileged people are idiots. and believe that what they are posting is real."

We always appreciate a good truth. 

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