Roxy Jacenko Tracks Down Thief Who Stole Her $900 Pot Plants

By Krisinda Merhi June 23, 2019

Woman doesn’t joke about pot plants. 

If you’ve heard of Roxy Jacenko you know she means business. She’s a leading force in the PR world and, apparently, the world of pot plant justice. 

Roxy feels very strongly about pot plants, specifically the $900 Fiddle Leaf Fig trees which sit at the front of her Sydney office. 

So when one of the plants were stolen from Sweaty Betty HQ, Roxy took matters into her own hands and tracked down the man responsible for nicking her beloved leafy friend. 

The saga unfolded on her Instagram (where else), where Roxy shared CCTV footage of the man casually walking up and taking one of the plants. 

“What the actual f*ck?” she said in the first video. “This bloke just stole my fiddle leaf figs whilst I was giving them some sun and water?!”

She also shared a video of her son Hunter finding two leaves, which she described as “evidence.”

evidence GIF

“I’m absolutely DISGUSTED to say that some PILLOCK has stolen my fiddle leaf figs and left me with two f*cking leaves!” she said. 

Like we said, the woman takes her plants veeery seriously. 

With the help of Instagram and fuelled by her love of pot plants, Roxy eventually tracked down the thief at a local op shop and confronted him. 

Yes there was another video and yes it was like something out of The Bold and the Beautiful. 

nervous the bold and the beautiful GIF by CBS

The culprit is heard apologising in the video saying that he took the plants because they had been outside for “ages” and he didn’t think they belonged to anyone.

Check out the whole saga on tape here. And for anyone wondering, yes the fiddle leaf figs are safe back home and recovery from the traumatic experience. 

Images: Roxy Jacenko / Instagram, Giphy / Giphy.