Sam Smith opens up about his experience with his biggest influence, George Michael

By Christina Cavaleri October 25, 2017

“He’s amazing"

It is becoming quite common knowledge that Sam Smith is a huge fan of George Michael. 

He performed ‘Father Figure’ at this years BBC Radio 1 show saying it was a tribute to his “favourite artist of all time”.

Since then Smith has recounted a fond memory to Zan Lowe where he received flowers from Michael even though he never met the pop icon.

“He sent me flowers once I was upstairs and I cried my eyes out.

“I think I’d asked him to present something. They were like, ‘who’s your dream person to present an award’ or something. We asked him but he was busy, so he sent flowers.

“He’s amazing. When I was at that time, in the time ‘In the Lonely Hour’ I was going mad, I would unwind on the tour bus and I’d just watch vides of him, to see how he held himself and for me he was a megastar, but he was so human. 

“I love that about him. I don’t want to become a robot. I think sometimes people get so media trained that they become a robot. He was in interviews and he would say the wrong things and he was so flawed in such. Beautiful way.

“Also, he was gay” 

When Michael passed away, Smith shared a heartfelt tribute to his idol:

Michael was producing his own documentary on himself before he passed away.

In the documentary, Michael dismisses his entire life as “a waste of time” and admits he never recovered from the death of his first love.

The documentary ‘Freedom’ is on Nine Network tonight, 25 October, at 8:30pm.

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