Samantha Armytage forced to change outfits on Sunrise

By Marni Dixit February 6, 2018
Samantha Armytage

"Kochie is the worst!"

Samantha Armytage was forced to fess up to a little mishap on Sunrise this morning after changing her white top to a red one.

Sam's co-host David "Kochie" Koch pointed out the outfit change saying:

“I know I’m old but I thought you were wearing a white blouse.”

Sam responded:

" Kochie is the worst... Can't you just pretend? So I had to change outfits because I spilt coffee all down the first one."

Sam Armytage

Kochie quipped, "Again?" Armytage added:

“I have a drinking problem. It gets caught under the lid and then it spills all down the front and I’m just not old enough to wear white. So, as soon as I wear white, I spill coffee.

“So thanks for that Kochie for keeping that a secret.”

Natalie Barr then told viewers it happens often and is the second time to happen this week. 

No doubt people will be watching Sunrise a lot closer from now on!

Image: Sunrise