The scene in Love Actually that made Hugh Grant cringe

By Kirsty Sier December 19, 2016
Love Actually
And yet, we love it so much
While I bet you've never heard a sleigh bell in your life, here's a crisp tenner saying you know just about every line in Love, Actually.
As the official soundtrack to the Christmas season, it's within the journalistic code of honour to dedicate at least one article per December to its praise. And so, without further ado: the scene that Hugh Grant apparently hated filming.
You remember that scene where Hugh Grant - playing the British Prime Minister, David - dances like an adorable spud around his new Downing Street home? Of course you do, it's the best.
Well, Grant absolutely hated filming that scene. Whether or not this means the actor hates happiness is yet to be confirmed.
Of being made to dance around and melt the hearts of ladies everywhere, Grant said to CBS Sunday Morning:
"I dreaded the dance scene in Love Actually more than having my teeth extracted.
"And you know, the thing is, you gotta be in the mood for dancing... It takes me quite a lot of vodka before I really want to, or if I'm alone at home with no one around, I like a bit of a dance sometimes in my pants."
In the same interview, he confirmed that this included dancing without pants.
Although we're disappointed Mr. Grant didn't share our enthusiasm for the memorable scene, we are still incredibly grateful he overcame his fear of dancing, for it has brought much joy.
What's that? You're not done reminiscing about Love Actually? Cool, neither. So here are some fun facts to finish you off:
1. The famous airport opening scene was filmed with hidden cameras
The film's heartwarming opening and closing scenes of people gettin' emotional at Heathrow airport was actually shot with hidden cameras over a week. If you were travelling in Britain while the film was being made, look closer. You might just have made a cameo in your Christmas fav.
2. Bill Nighy didn't even know he'd auditioned
The ever-irreverent Bill Nighy - who plays worn-out rocker Billy Mack - thought that, by doing a rehearsal reading of the script, he was just doing casting director Mary Selway a favour. Turns out, that was his audition, and he was genuinely surprised when he got the role.
3. Emma Thompson was wearing a fat suit
Love Actually director Richard Curtis thought that the slight-framed Emma Thompson was a bit too slight-framed to pass for such a homely mother character. So, the costume department gave Thompson a fat suit to wear throughout the film.
4. Kris Marshall handed back his paycheck for one of his scenes
Kris Marshall - the actor who plays uber-horny Colin Frissell - said he had way too much fun filming the scene in which three American babes undress him. So the cheeky devil actually handed back his paycheck, saying he was willing to do it for free.
5. Director Richard Curtis holds a serious grudge
When he was in college, Curtis' girlfriend left him for a man named Bernard - a betrayal he has never gotten over. Now, whenever Curtis works on a film, he writes in an unpopular character named 'Bernard.' In Love Actually, it's the "horrid" son of Emma Thompson and Alan Rickman.