Sophie Monk caught up in racist joke controversy live at the AACTAs

By Marni Dixit December 7, 2017

"Is that a bit racist?"

Things got seriously awkward on Wednesday night at the AACTA Awards when Sophie Monk and Osamah Sami's presentation of the award for Best Performance in Comedy failed to hit any high notes with the audience.

The reality star and the actor, famous for his role in Ali's Wedding, arrived on stage on a ride-on mower and seriously struggled through their rehearsed jokes. To lacklustre response, Sami, who is or Iraqi origin, said:

“You know who Sophie is — she is a super star of Australian television. I’m here to fulfil the diversity quota.”

To which Sophie responded, "I don't know what diversity means." Still not getting the laughs they had anticipated, Sami went on:

“Sophie, it’s a little bright in here. It’s not the lights — it’s just a lot of white people... Somewhere, someone is watching through their television right now going, ‘Wow, I just paid ... bugger me dead, I just paid six grand for this television and it shows no colour’.”

Confused by the lack of laughter, Sophie added, "Is that a bit racist?" Making things worse, Sami explained the joke, saying, "It's a go at the industry who doesn't give a sh*t about diversity."

Sophie, obviously feeling incredibly awkward about the whole situation, then cut straight to the nominees in the category. 

Meanwhile, the Bachelorette star once again had eyebrows raised when she didn't appear hand-in-hand with boyfriend Stu Laundy at the event, instead, she attended alone. 

Image: Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images for AFI