Stan is now home to heaps of Disney, Pixar, and Marvel movies so cancel all your plans

By Alexander Pan December 13, 2018

This is not a drill!

The Avengers. The Lion King. The Incredibles. The Last Jedi. And DUCKTALES.

That’s a mere taste of the Disney feast coming to streaming service Stan. Those beautiful maniacs have snagged an absolutely bonkers deal with Disney ANZ, which will see hours and hours of Disney animation, Pixar movies, Marvel movies, and Star Wars content added to the platform as of Friday.

The Disney/Pixar content includes, quite simply, some of the best films ever made. Feast your eyes on Toy Story 1-3, Finding Nemo, Frozen, The Lion King, Cars, Cars 2, Monsters Inc., Monsters University, Big Hero 6, The Incredibles, Up, Wall-E, the original animated Beauty and The Beast, Maleficent, and The Little Mermaid.

There’s also a Wakanda-sized chunk of the Marvel Cinematic Universe: all three Iron Man and Thor movies, the first three Avengers, the first two Captain Americas, the first Guardians and Ant-Man films, and Black Panther.

The Star Wars stuff will include Solo, The Last Jedi and animated series Star Wars Rebels.

So yeah. Start freaking out any time now.

Here is the full list of confirmed titles so far, in alphabetical order:

A Wrinkle in Time

Andi Mack


Avengers: Age of Ultron

Avengers: Infinity War

Beauty and The Beast (animated)

Big Hero 6

Black Panther

Captain America: The First Avenger

Captain America: The Winter Soldier


Cars 2

Cinderella (live action)



Finding Nemo


Guardians of the Galaxy

Iron Man

Iron Man 2

Iron Man 3


Monsters Inc.

Monsters University

Sofia the First

Solo: A Star Wars Story

Star Wars Rebels

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Tangled: The Series

The Avengers

The Incredibles

The Lion Guard

The Lion King

The Little Mermaid


Thor: Ragnarok,

Thor: The Dark World

Toy Story

Toy Story 2

Toy Story 3




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