Sunrise's Natalie Barr opens up about the troubles she had with motherhood

By Christina Cavaleri October 9, 2017

“I was a better mum going back to work..."

Sunrise newsreader Natalie Barr is our go to face for the news every morning. Behind the credible journalist is just a normal mum, like a lot of Aussies around the country.

Barr has been juggling motherhood with 3 am starts and breaking news and she makes it work.

The 49-year-old sat down with Kidspot’s, ‘The Juggling Act’ podcast where she admitted that in the beginning, she was a “terrible mum of a baby”.

“I was in counselling, I found it incredibly hard. It was still the hardest thing I’ve done to this day.

"I felt incredibly guilty that I just hated this whole motherhood caper.”

Barr was six months pregnant with her first child when her dad suddenly died after a massive heart attack and that took its toll on her.

“I had a midnight phone call saying ‘dad’s gone’ and I was six and a half months pregnant with Laughlin, my first child.

“So there was a race home to WA and I buried him and three months later I gave birth.”

It was an emotional rollercoaster of a year and she believes a lot of her struggles with motherhood were tied up to the death of her father.

Laughlin was also a terrible sleeper which didn’t help.

“I just went through this turmoil of this terrible sleeping baby, I didn’t feel maternal at all for a long time and I felt incredibly guilty that I just hated this whole motherhood caper.”

Barr felt that everyone enjoyed being a mother around her and she felt she didn’t love it like everyone else. 

She was tested for post-natal depression twice during the tough years.

“They tested me twice for depression and they said ‘nup, you’re not depressed you just hate being a mum’ and I went ‘oh okay well we’ve got that sorted.’” 

Barr found herself running back to work after three months which she believes saved her.

“I was a better mum going back to work and being myself and coming home I could be a better mum to him.

“But then I felt bad because most of the mother’s group weren’t that so then I felt like I had to justify myself the whole time.” 

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