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Susan from MAFS emotionally drops bombshell on Sean

By Marni March 20, 2017
Susan and Sean MAFS

They shocked everyone including the experts!

They’re the Married at First Sight fan favourites we thought may not have a chance. But it looks like Susan actually is willing to move to remote Queensland to give things a real go with her ‘husband’ Sean.

Throughout the series, Susan has said she was unwilling to move to Sean’s farm as it’s so isolated and she didn’t believe she could be happy if she lived there. But during last night’s dinner party, Susan revealed she would be trying to make things work and would try living on the farm.

The moment came after expert John Aiken gave all the couples an ‘honesty box’ filled with questions the couples had to ask each other in front of the group.

Sean joked that he knew the answer to the question he was about to ask:

“Your lifestyle is so different to mine. Could you ever see yourself living with me on the farm and leaving city life behind?”

Without skipping a beat, Susan responded:

“I’m actually going to give it a go after this. Who wouldn’t?”

“I think you're amazing and I completely think we should be more open to the possibility of us, because I see a future with you.”

“Why would I give up just because I think I can't - I would completely be willing to find out the next break we have together so I can be with you and your family and your priorities… We’ll try – if you’re willing.”

Susan and Sean MAFS

Sean said he was “over the moon” Susan would be “willing to move and give it a go”.

However, everyone’s favourite relationship commentator, Anthony, told cameras:

“Ultimately, I don't think they'll work… Sean has made no secret throughout the experiment that his horses are his priority. 

“He's a horseman and I understand horsemen - I deal with these people all the time. His horses are always going to be his priority and Suze is always going to come second - that's the way it is.”

The couples are set to make their final decision on Tuesday night’s episode where they will be given the option to renew their vows with Sean and Susan expected to say “I do” once again.

Images: Channel Nine

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