Sylvia Jefferys lifts the lid on what Karl is REALLY like

By Ally Parker November 11, 2017

Well colour us surprised.

Sylvia Jefferys, sister-in-law to Karl Stefanovic, talented TV journo and overall, a pretty swell gal, has lifted the lid on what ol mate Karl is really like.

And wow, we did not see it coming.

Speaking to BW Magazine, Jefferys, 31, spoke of how “quiet” Karl is.

Yes. Quiet.

“He's a very quiet mentor at the network, which I think a lot of people don't realise,” she told the publication.

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^^^ Yes, this bloke.

“You see the larrikin and the boyish charm every single morning on air, but what I see every day is an incredibly generous, kind and compassionate man, very aware of his ability to help people navigate things he's already navigated.”

Jefferys has also commented on Lisa’s shock exit from Today saying despite her connections, she wasn’t given a heads up:

“It was as big of a shock to me as it was to everyone else,” she explained to The Daily Telegraph.

The news comes after Karl supposedly missed an appearance at Derby Day after frolicking with girlfriend Jasmine Yarbrough.

Yes..... quiet. We're still getting over that too.

Lead Image: Instagram / Slyvia Jefferys


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