The Peppa Pig episode deemed too controversial for Australian TV

By Ally Parker September 6, 2017

Woah! Did they go too far?

Anyone who has kids in their life knows Peppa Pig rules the universe - she's everywhere.

But the TV series may be headed for a downfall with an episode titled Mister Skinny Legs, banned from Australia.

The reason?

For telling audiences (i.e. children) that spiders “can’t hurt you.”

Yeah... that’s not going to fly in a country crawling with some of the deadliest spiders ‘round.

Peppa Pig controversy

Not only does the episode openly condone the picking up and touching of spiders but in it, Peppa tucks the creepy crawly into bed with her and plans a tea party.

It isn’t the first controversy to hit the series. Peppa and her family didn’t wear seatbelts for the first two seasons and many scenes showed a young Peppa bike riding without a helmet.

But that’s nothing compared to the fat-shaming.

One episode saw Peppa make the password to her treehouse ‘Daddy’s big tummy’ at which everyone laughs. Her dad is then unable to enter said treehouse which Peppa claims is because his “tummy is too big.”


Lead Image: Peppa Pig / Channel 5 UK