This front-facing Peppa Pig is the nightmare we can't wake up from

By Ally Parker April 19, 2018


Twitter user Kwon Hanchi has seen and raised you, 'Simpsons front-facing pics'.

And boy... has it been raised.

Kwon uploaded mere sketches (at first) to Twitter with a front-facing Peppa Pig and while that shocked... he's since included a colour version.

“Peppa pig is on in the waiting room we’re sitting in, and I can’t unsee that left face/front face/right face drawing,” one person tweeted in reply.

Twitter was obviously as horrified as we were:

P.S. Did you know there's an episode of Peppa Pig that was banned from Australia?

Yup! The episode, titled 'Mr Skinny Legs' was given the boot from Australia for telling audiences (i.e. children) that spiders “can’t hurt you.”

Which, is not a good idea in a country crawling with some of the deadliest spiders ‘round (Redbacks, Funnel-web, Trap-Door spider...).

Image: Peppa Pig