This shock cameo on The Block last night has everybody talking

By Ally Parker September 12, 2017
The Block cameo

This is amazing!

Sometimes dreams really do come true.

Last night The Block treated reality TV fans to a special treat:

Lee Elliot from The Bachelorette.

In glorious high-vis and everything.


He is a plumber, so we honestly shouldn’t be too surprised that he rocked up to work on contestant Georgia’s kitchen but whatevs.

Georgia (not Georgia Love) did what anyone would do, called her fellow contestant/rival Hannah so they could have a ‘perve’.

“This is like, shameless perving,” Georgia said. “I’m not leaving site today”

“Are they still together?”

Oh boy are they.

The Block cameo

Elliot and Georgia Love have been holidaying it UP in Italy with the plumber, 31, likely to propose soon.

Elliot has confessed his plans to NW:

“I’ve already started saving for the ring,” he told the magazine… I’m old-fashioned, I’ll want to do it [propose] privately.”

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They're seriously so damn beautiful and happy and... ugh!

Lead Image: The Block / Channel 9