Social media star undergoes full body transformation after losing 92kgs

By Ally Parker May 24, 2016


Social media star, author, makeup artist and fitness ROCKSTAR (at just 27-years-old), Simone Anderson has wowed her followers after undergoing another transformation.

Simone, who used to weigh 169kg underwent her first transformation five years ago, dropping 92kg in a year after a gastric sleeve procedure.

Since then, the New Zealander has taken her journey to the next level, choosing to go under the knife for her second skin removal surgery and butt lift.

She shared her final before and after transformation photos to social media saying:

"The official before and after from behind... still can’t comprehend this is me in both!"

Simone has always been very open with her social media followers (all 262K of them) and chronicoled the lastest journey in YouTube and Instagram posts.

"On Saturday I was doing a bridal party in Hamilton and the photographer kept saying 'I know you from somewhere' and in this sort of situation I always just smile and keep quiet thinking maybe I just have one of those faces that is familiar," she said in a recent post.

"Then she blurted out 'It’s your bum, I’ve seen that BUM on the Internet - you’re Simone' I nearly died laughing."

Despite what many may think, Simone is very down to earth, often sharing her journey and outlook with others:

“Love yourself enough to create an environment in your life that is conducive to the nourishment of your personal growth," she wrote on other Instagram post.

"Allow yourself to let go of the people, thoughts, and situations that poison your well-being. Cultivate a vibrant surrounding and commit yourself to making choices that will help you release the greatest expression of your unique beauty and purpose.”

Image: Instagram / Simone Anderson