This is why MAFS' Sam didn't contact his new bride Elizabeth after disappearing

By Marni Dixit February 8, 2019
Sam and Elizabeth MAFS

"He wasn’t allowed."

Sam Ball is this year's Married At First Sight contestant we all love to hate.

Not only did he body shame his 'bride' Elizabeth Sobinoff moments after they were 'married', but he disappeared for five days after the wedding to attend an ex-girlfriend's mother's funeral in New Zealand.

After leaving, Elizabeth had absolutely no contact from him before he returned for the first dinner party.

Upon Sam's arrival, he was blasted by Elizabeth and many of the other women in the group for leaving and not calling once.

Now, former MAFS contestant Telv Williams has revealed the very good reason Sam didn't contact his new 'wife' after leaving for NZ and as we should have expected – it's all because of the show's producers.

According to News.Com.Au, Telv took to Insta Story and slammed the way Sam was being treated when he returned, claiming the show's experts were "inciting a little bit of hate" towards the model.

He also added that the lack of communication between the pair would have been deliberate:

“I can guarantee you that the producers would have told him he wasn’t allowed to make any contact with his wife because you’re not meant to talk to them."

“If you’re not around each other they don’t want you to talk to them when you’re not on camera. So don’t be too harsh to Sam, he’s done nothing wrong.”

Sam explained to 9Honey the reason he didn't contact Elizabeth was because of global roaming

“I missed her voicemail completely, didn’t even hear a call, and it’s a random number so I wouldn’t have had it saved."

“And like I said, being in the headspace I was in I didn’t even think of contacting Elizabeth, because we’d just met, and I’d made the other family a priority and went into work mode. I completely switched off and focused on what was at hand.”

Look, we wouldn't put it past the producers to do that, but we also wouldn't put it past Sam to just not bother calling Elizabeth...

Image: Channel Nine