Tom Cruise's face makes headlines at the BAFTA Awards

By Marni Dixit February 16, 2016
Tom Cruise and Leonardo DiCaprio at the BAFTA Awards 2016

Oh dear, it seems Tom Cruise's appearance at the BAFTA Awards with buddy, Leonardo DiCaprio, has overshadowed his friend's big win with fans instead taking aim at the Top Gun actor's face!

"What happened to Tom Cruise's face?" seems to be one of the most asked questions following Sunday's BAFTA Awards with fans questioning why the actor was looking a little different...

Tom Cruise at the BAFTA Awards

Sporting a slightly puffier face, Tom looked quite different to when we saw him last year promoting Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation:

Tom Cruise at the Rogue Nation premiere

Fans took to Twitter to react to Tom's latest look:

Fans tweet about Tom Cruise's face at the BAFTA Awards

Uh oh... poor Tom!

It should come as no real surprise that he has had work done, especially considering his Jerry Maguire co-star, Cuba Gooding Jr, spilled the beans recently saying Tom's "absolutely" had work done when he made an appearance on Watch What Happens.

Check out Cuba telling host, Andy Cohen, about the time he surprised Tom at home and caught him after a procedure: