Turns Out Those American Beauty Hands Belong To A Well-Known Celebrity

By Ally Parker August 24, 2019

Can you pick it?

American Beauty debuted in September 1999 and has been a instant classic ever since. That rose scene? C'mon.

Outside of its leading talent, script and winning direction, the film is well known for its eye-catching and symbolism-rich poster - a red rose held across a young woman's stomach.

We all assumed this was simply a well-airbrushed model but it turns out someone pretty famous actually posed for the shot.

Can you guess?

Okay fine, it's tough. We'll cut to the chase:

It's Christina Henricks.

The former Mad Men star shared the tidbit on Instagram writing:

“Fun fact …. wait for it … I used to be a model and sometimes a hand model …. this is my hand and another model’s stomach. Proud to be a part if this film in ANY WAY!!! #americanbeauty.”

Her Good Girls co-stars replied sharing their surprise:

“WHAAAAAAT,” Mae Whitman commented with Retta - formerly from Parks And Rec, adding “Staaahhhppp.”

“This is important. How come I didn’t know this?” Mad Men co-star January Jones also commented.

Where else have we sen your hands Christina? We've gots to know!

Image: American Beauty