Tziporah Malkah tells the devastating story of her fall from fame

By Kirsty Sier February 2, 2017
Kate Fischer Tziporah Malkah

She opened up about life as Kate Fischer, and her troubled relationship with James Packer

This week, Tziporah Malkah - formerly known as Kate Fischer - has been making headlines for the first time in decades. The former supermodel and ex-girlfriend of billionaire James Packer is currently appearing on I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here, after spending a long time avoiding publicity.

Turns out, a lot has happened in the years between Kate Fischer's supermodel days and Tziporah Malkah's reality television appearance. On Wednesday night on The Project, the former icon opened up about her devastating fall from stardom - how she went from being a Hollywood starlet to being homeless.

Although Kate Fischer had been modelling since the age of 13, and had a career that took her from Australia to New York and Hollywood, she says she ended up being defined by her relationship with James Packer. And it was around this time in her life that things started to go downhill.

"I hate being defined by him. I felt like I was a bud snapped off the vine before I had the chance to bloom. That's fine, you make sacrifices for love."

Malkah told The Project host Carrie Fisher that she "hates talking about [Packer]" but said she wants to clear the air about the pair's relationship. The media famously turned on Fisher after she took "compensation" money from Packer following the breakdown of their relationship, and she hasn't been able to clear her name since.

According to Fisher, their relationship was wrought with trouble. Packer allegedly refused to talk to Kate at times, and told her to stop working. "You're going to be my wife and it's tacky that you need to work," Malkah relates.

When things went sour between the couple, Malkah says that all of James Packer's friends and family "turned on" her. For his part, Packer gave her the house that the couple had lived in together. Packer had previously paid one million dollars for the house, but Fischer alleges the media accused her of stealing ten million.

"I looked like this horrible woman who'd run off with the Packer money. He didn't give me $10 million. James paid a million dollars for a house and we lived in it for two years and he said: 'You can keep it.'

"So I kept the house and he gave me a few hundred thousand dollars."

Eventually, the negative media coverage forced her to flee the country for the U.S., where she fell in love once again. The man, to whom she was engaged for a time, offered to invest all of her savings for Fischer, but it turned out to be an elaborate con.

"Because we were in love and supposed to get married I said 'okay' and just gave it to him.

"It turns out he had this wife and child and he just took it."

Left with nothing, Fischer returned to Australia, homeless and living in a shelter. She said she was terrified of being identified, and spent the next few years working hard to stay out of the spotlight.

"I Googled 'homelessness Melbourne.' Even though I'd dropped out of show business eight years earlier, people still recognised me. I felt so ashamed."

Now, Fischer says she's ready to start rebuilding her life, and to recover from the humiliation she's suffered.

"I was a princess in an ivory tower," she told The Project.

"I didn't see it. It didn't occur to me what it's like to really, really suffer. Since I've had this experience, it's really made me want to come back."