Video of MAFS' Nasser speaking about his wife and kids surfaces

By Marni Dixit March 7, 2018
Nasser Sultan MAFS

So is he an actor then?!

Old footage of Married At First Sight's Nasser Sultan on Pawn Stars Australia has surfaced that shows him speaking about his wife and children, making a lot of people wonder if he's actually an actor. In the show, he's seen trying to trade his slot car collection in order to save for his "kids' education".

"It's sad to see them go, but the money we make will go to the kids' education."

Let's not forget this key piece of information: Nasser has repeatedly mentioned the fact he's 50 and has never lived with a woman before on MAFS, let alone have a wife and kids!

He spoke about how he and his “kids” had enjoyed the car collection saying they had a “massive set up in the garage”.

“We used to race go carts, but in winter you know you sort of want to hang out with the kids. And these front ones [cars], they like to crash them, you can see the scratch marks, but the Porsche's, we don't crash these cause they're worth a bit more money.”

He added that if he didn’t get the best deal his “wife” wouldn’t be happy.

The reality star said he wanted to make $300 off the collection that he believed was worth $500, but the dealer was only willing to give him $235.

“$240 and you got a deal, my wife’s gonna kill me.”

This wasn’t the only strange coincidence. The man talking to Nasser was actually his “best mate” Ben, who’s also appeared on MAFS previously. 

One comment under the video on YouTube comes from a confused fan, who said:

“So let me get this straight.. Nasser who is currently on MAFS was married and has kids? Why was this never mentioned? And his best mate is one of the owners of the shop?”

What. Is. Happening.

Image: History Channel