We know the secret codes that’ll cut your Netflix browsing time

By Krisinda Merhi November 28, 2018

Consider this our Christmas gift to you 

Netflix is the gift that keeps on giving and it ain’t stopping anytime soon. 

Going into Christmas, Netflix has a range of festive films to satisfy all of your ugly sweater, fresh snow and candy cane needs. 

But with such a variety of flicks to choose from (and not just in the Christmas genre) navigating the Netflix homepage can be more anxiety inducing than exciting. 

You scroll and you scroll and you kinda know what you’re looking for but not really so you keep scrolling hoping you’ll figure it out until you eventually give up and just put on that episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine that you’ve already watched 20 times. 

Trust us, we’ve been there. 

But we’re here to save you all that wasted effort with a clever hidden ‘hack’ that’ll cut your browsing time. 

Netflix has a bunch of secret codes that allow you to access movie lists through its back catalogue without having to rely on that pesky homepage scroll. 

Yes it’s as easy as it sounds (and it’s perfectly legal). 

All you need to do is type into your browser bar and replace the XXXXs with your code of choice. 

Feel like cracking open some ice-cream and settling in for a romantic Christmas film? (yes, that includes The Princess Switch). Then use the code 1394527.

Meanwhile, 'Feel-good Christmas Children and Family films' like Elf require the code 1475066.

Or maybe you’re after something more kid friendly? ’Family-friendly Christmas Films' is 1394522.

But this isn’t some Christmas movie only miracle– there are codes available for ALL of Netflix’s film genres. 

If you’re not really in the Christmas spirit and would rather watch a trashy (but amazing) teen comedy then use 3519. 

You a Disney fan? Try 67673. 

If you’re into crime documentaries then 9875 is your number. 

Or maybe you feel like zoning out to some good old reality TV. If so then dial (type) 9833.

Yes we’ve tested it.

Yes it works. 

Yes we’re just as excited as you are. 

See you on the other side peeps! If anyone asks, we’re busy. Only interrupt in case of emergency. 

Images: Netflix, Giphy / Giphy.