Who is this Hugh Sheridan has been snapped getting close to?

By Ally Parker December 4, 2017


Despite rumours (some obviously more cray cray than others) that he’s head over heels in love with Delta Goodrem, Hugh Sheridan has been linked to Jessica Marais’ close mate Shannon Dooley.

“They were all over each other – it was like there was no one else on the beach,” a ‘witness’ told Woman's Day.

“It’s obvious Hugh really cares about Shannon, and she was loving the attention.”

Dooley, who run’s successful aerobics organisation, Retrosweat, can be seen wearing an appropriately retro, bright orange swimsuit and applying sunscreen to Hugh’s back in images.

Despite reports Delta gets pretty jealous when Hugh cosies up with other women” (again, Woman’s Day), Hugh has spoken out about the lack of romance between the pair:

“We talked about it I just don't think so. I do love Delta, I love her so much, she is one of my dearest and best friends... but that doesn't necessarily mean that there's anything more than that, he said on The Morning Show.

“Any guy that snaps Delta up would be incredibly lucky. I'm sure she has a whole line.” “But look, maybe one day we will get married, who knows? You never say never.” 


As a glorious side note, Dooley's Instagram is 100 per cent, one to follow.

She's not only a confident, fit gal but an inspiration among an the Alopecia community.

She previously spoke about the condition, which caused her to lose all her hair over a ten day period when she was just 17, on the Triple j radio program, Hack.  

"It’s devastating for women. Your hair is your femininity and part of your sexuality."

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Lead Image: Instagram / Hugh Sheridan 

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