Your favourite TV show could lead you to romance!

By Marni Dixit February 12, 2016
Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone in Crazy Stupid Love

We all know it's good to have common interests, but could your favourite TV show or movie actually lead you to love?!

It seems nowadays that binge watching a show is something more couples do than actually leaving the house on the weekend, but did you know that when people are looking for partners they find their potential other half's taste in TV and films more attractive and important than other qualities?!

Binge watching

It might sound surprising, but in a study undertaken by Netflix it was found that a whopping 71 per cent of people add their favourite TV show or movie genres to their online dating profiles in order to attract a potential partner!

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Considering this, it shouldn't surprise us too much that movies and TV shows make up a huge 87 per cent of the most common first date ice breakers (no doubt Making A Murderer has topped that list lately!).

This actually makes SO much sense, we mean, who wants to date someone who doesn't like to watch the same shows and movies as you?! It's a fundamental part of dating!

Binge watching TV

It also seems that if you watch a certain genre of movies and TV you're more attractive to potential partners - and that genre is, surprisingly, drama!

This is despite the majority of those surveyed, 37 per cent, believing that putting comedies onto their profiles would make them appear more attractive.

Binge watching TV

Unsurprisingly, 32 per cent said that show-compatibility is important, with one in ten people having asked someone out based soley on their show-compatability.

What do you think, does your partner's taste in TV and film affect your relationship, or is it not a big deal at all?

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