See Melbourne Theatre Company's Abigail's Party

By Lynette C March 12, 2018

Before Kath & Kim made us cringe with delight, Abigail’s Party set the standard for disturbingly compelling satires on middle class aspirations.

Desperate to impress, Beverly has invited her neighbours around for a decadent evening of cheese and pineapple sticks. But after a copious amount of alcohol, the party quickly descends into a night of social awkwardness, outrageous flirting and hilarious putdowns.

Riotously funny and disturbingly compelling, Mike Leigh's classic 70s satire is every bit as cutting as it ever was. Step across the shagpile, down a gin and tonic and settle in for this comedy classic directed by Stephen Nicolazzo. Abigail’s Party is the party gatecrash.

Don’t miss Abigail’s Party, playing at Southbank Theatre, The Sumner from 17 March until 21 April.

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