Smooth sits down for lunch with Tina Arena

By Stephanie Nuzzo May 12, 2017

The smoothfm family were treated to a delicious lunch and lengthy chat with the Aussie legend 

In celebration of Tina Arena’s new Greatest Hits & Interpretations double album and upcoming tour, the smoothfm team and some lucky listeners in both Sydney and Melbourne were treated to a long lunch with the phenomenal performer. 

The events were hosted by our very own Ty Frost, Glenn Daniel and Bogart Torelli at The Botanical, Melbourne and The Grounds of Alexandria in Sydney. 

Tina spoke about her long and successful career, her music – no, she doesn’t have a favourite song; they each invoke “a different mood” she said - and where she gets her inspiration…

“I like to be away, I like to be isolated … I think that’s when I work the best,” she said. 

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Arena also spoke about being a mother and a woman in the modern day:

“It takes an enormous amount of courage [for women] to not be affected by everything,” she said, speaking of young women in the age of the Internet. 

“We spend so much time looking at screens believing other peoples bullsh*t.

And on motherhood she said:

“It’s the hardest gig in the world, the most beautifully rewarding…” 

Take a peek at the beautiful festivities shared between Tina and the smoothfm family below:

Don’t miss your chance to see Tina Arena soar on the Innocence to Understanding Tour, which kicks off on September 6th in Brisbane. 

Grab your tickets fast! More details here

Tina Arena’s Greatest Hits & Interpretations double album is on sale now.