Women’s Health Week: 2-6 September

By Chana Matchimbanpoth August 12, 2019

Join smoothfm & Jean Hailes for Women’s Health, and unlock your powers for good health during Women’s Health Week, September 2-6. The week is a timely reminder to all women to look after themselves, inside and out.

Jean Hailes Women’s Health Week is a week dedicated to all women across Australia to make good health a priority. The two biggest barriers for women not maintaining a healthy lifestyle is ‘lack of time’ and ‘health not being a priority’. Women’s Health Week is the time to do something for your health and start making positive changes that can last a lifetime.

“Women are leading busier lives than ever before,” says Brenda Jones, Women’s Health Week campaign manager. “Sometimes they need to be reminded to put themselves on their own to-do lists. Women’s Health Week is the perfect opportunity for women to set aside some time for their own health and wellbeing. Together, we want women to think about, and do something positive for, their health.”

The Jean Hailes annual national Women’s Health Survey found that only 50% of Australian women describe their overall health as very good or excellent. It also identified that lack of time is a major barrier for women to try to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Women are also prone to feeling guilty, particularly those in the ‘sandwich generation’ caring for both elderly parents and children. Guilt can take a toll on a woman’s health and wellbeing, whether it be for taking time out for herself, or for not being available 100% of the time for others.

Join other women across the country who are unlocking their powers for good health and sign up to Women’s Health Week. Get involved by sharing health messages, hosting an event and encouraging your female friends to sign up to the week. By signing up to the week, you'll receive daily health tips, tools and information to help you unlock your own powers for good health!

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About Women’s Health Week

Women’s Health Week is run by Jean Hailes for Women’s Health, a leader in women’s health for more than 25 years. Appointed by the Australian Government as the national digital gateway for women's health and wellbeing, Jean Hailes combines evidence-based research and clinical experience with practical resources and tools for women and health professionals. In 2018, more than 85,000 women participated in the week with more than 2,100 events across the country from Esperance to the Tiwi Islands, and more than 47,000 people received online health content.