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Gigi Falanga's "Life is Better Caramelized!:

By Kathrine Holland June 9, 2017
Life is better caramalized

The gorgeous Gigi Falanga from By Gigi is no stranger to the smooth Festival of Chocolate in The Rocks having demonstrated her skills on the Callebaut Test Kitchen stage everysince our very first festival in 2014! This year, she returns, demonstrating her masterpiece "Life is better caramelized" on Saturday 12 august at 3pm. To celebrate she has gifted us with the recipe for her impressive creation, sure to impress for a special occasion.

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(make 2 sponges)

You will need 6 for this cake 


40G Egg Yolk

20g eggs

15g sugar

20g soft flour

20g callebaut cocoa powder

10g melted butter

50g egg white

20g caster sugar


Whisk eggs, yolks and sugar till creamy.

Add sifted dries and melted butter.

In a separate bowl make a meringue using the egg white and second sugar till soft peak. Fold gently through the mix.

Place 80g on a 16cm cake ring.

Bake at 160C for 9-10 min.




You will need 2 for this cake


112g Unsalted Butter

93g Brown sugar

62g almond meal

31g hazelnut meal

31g Callebaut Feulletine

93g Soft Flour


Mix all ingredients together until combine.

Weigh 70g for a 6” cake ring. Bake at 160C for 15 min or until golden brown.

Let it cool.





Place 200g of white chocolate (chopped) over silica matt on a baking tray.

Pre heat the oven to 100-120C and slowly caramelized the white chocolate.

Every 10 minutes remove the tray from the oven and stir the white chocolate using a scraper or spatula.

If you don’t stir the chocolate it will burn very quickly and it won’t have a pleasant taste.

The chocolate will slowly get a caramel colour. After 30 min the chocolate should be caramelized. Let it cool down.



50g      milk

15g      egg yolk

100g   caramelized white chocolate

2.5g     gelatin sheet

150g   pure cream


Place gelatin sheets under a cold water.

Heat the milk in a sauce pan. Pour over the yolks, combine and place back in the pot. Stir all the time until reaches 84C.

Squeeze gelatin and add to the mix.

Strain over the caramelized white chocolate on a clean bowl and let it cool down to 30C.

Whipped the cream to soft peak and fold through white chocolate mixture.

Divide the mix in 2 x 6” cake tin and place in the freezer to set.




95g      Pure cream

2          chopped bananas     

95g      Caster sugar 

115g  eggs

95g      unsalted butter

1.5g     sea salt

1.5g     gelatin powder

9ml      cold water


Soak gelatin in cold water

Make a dry caramel placing caster sugar in a saucepan and let it caramelized over medium heat.

Add chopped bananas to the caramel and caramelized the fruit for a minute or 2.

Deglaze caramel with cream whisking until combine.

Mix eggs in a separate bowl.

Add hot caramel to the eggs, combine and place back in the pot and cook to 85C.

Remove from the heat add gelatin and strain over a clean bowl.

Let it cool to 40c add butter and salt.

Add 130g of banana crème on top of set white chocolate mousse and let it set.

You should have a 2 layers of set inserts. You will need 4 of this inserts

Reserve in the freezer.




228g   egg white

340g   caster sugar

600g   unsalted butter (room temperature)

150g   caramelized white chocolate (melted)


Place a saucepan with some water to simmer.

Mix egg white and sugar in a clear bowl and place on top of simmering water.

Keep stirring whites until reaches 60C.

Transfer the whites to a mixing bowl and whisk the meringue until soft peak and cold,

Add butter slowly to the meringue until all incorporate. Do not over mix the meringue or your buttercream will have bubbles.

Add melted white chocolate, combine.

Place buttercream into a piping bag.




Get all your set layers out of the freezer to start the structure of the cake

Start with the feulettine sable at the bottom.

Follow by the chocolate biscuit.

Using a piping bag make a circle around the edges of the chocolate biscuit with the caramelized white chocolate buttercream.

Insert the mousse + banana crème inside this circle.

Place another biscuit on top and repeat the same process finishing with another chocolate biscuit.

Pipe a little bit of the caramel crème and place the chocolate biscuit on top of the sable follow by the mousse and the first disc of tempering chocolate.

I keep piping the caramel crème to stick all the layers together.

Once you finish all the layer start again until you finish with a chocolate disc.

Let this cake set in the fridge for at least 1 hour.


Repeat the same process assembling another cake exactly the same.

Let it set in the fridge for at least an hour.


Using your piping bag put a good amount of buttercream on top of one cake.

Place a smaller cake board disc on top of the buttercream follow by the second cake on top. (if your cake is a 6” cake use a 5” cake board for the center so you can’t see it).

You should have a tall cake tier.

Let it set again for 30 minutes.


Using a urning table place caramelized white chocolate buttercream all around your tall cake. Using a long scraper smooth the sides of the cake. Clean the top and it’s done!!!


The smooth Festival of Chocolate in The Rocks 

Sat 12 & Sun 13 August 

10am - 6pm daily