Dessert hummus is an actual thing and we need it right now

By Marni Dixit November 8, 2017

The best thing since… regular hummus!

Guys, how good is hummus? We probably can’t put into words just how much we love it and we know most of the planet is with us on this one. But hummus is changing, and we are so here for it!

Introducing… Dessert hummus! It turns out there was a way to make hummus even better, and that was by adding sweet stuff to it!

The great guys at Delighted By, an American company, have created a sweet take on the party staple that’s suitable for vegans and those who are gluten-free.

The dip is made with chickpeas and is sweetened with either coconut sugar or raw turbinado – we’d never heard of it either – and there are so many flavours including Brownie Batter, Choc-O-Mint, Vanilla Bean and Snickerdoodle. 

While it’s not on sale in Australia just yet – we are dreaming of the day it will hopefully arrive – we would probably be willing to jump on a plane just to enjoy the sweet goodness that is this delicious new treat.

Excuse us while we try and whip up a batch of our own…

Image: Delighted By/Instagram