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Oops: Did this Game of Thrones star accidentally reveal a major spoiler?

By Stephanie Nuzzo August 3, 2017
Game Of Thrones

I bet he Ygrittes that one…

Get ready fam, because this is a big one. Game of Thrones favourite, Kristian Nairn, who played Hodor in the show (RIP big guy) has landed himself in a tiny bit of trouble after he gave a curiously-worded statement during an interview on TV show Thronecast.

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According to reports from The Daily Mail, the well-loved actor was talking about Cersei when she said she was... wait for it:

“Mad, like her father, the Mad King”. 

Back the eff up, Hodor. What did you say?!

Now, to some, the comment may just seem like Nairn has confused his characters – Cersei, Jamie and Tyrion’s father was Tywin Lannister, obviously! But to others, who are probably a lot more obsessed with the GOT universe, the statement means a WHOLE LOT. 

Game Of Thrones, ‘Dragonstone’ HBO Foxtel

You see, there have been rumours circulating that Cersei and Jamie may actually have been fathered by the Mad King Aerys. Journalist Meghan O'Keefe wrote a piece for Decider speculating that the twins’ mother, Joanna may have had an affair with the Mad King and other major Game of Thrones fans have suggested the same.

Apparently, there are references in the books that hint at this possibility (which would explain Cersei’s penchant for torture and wildfire) and so, with this in mind, Nairn’s “throwaway” comment suddenly takes on a whole new layer of meaning. 

When questioned on the rumoured spoiler, the actor simply said he became “befuddled” and used the wrong name.

What do you think? 

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