3 reasons why sleeping naked is good for your overall health

By Rachel August 22, 2016
3 reasons why sleeping naked is good for your overall health

Sleeping nakie is fun.

But it’s actually great for several aspects of your health too!  

1. Wearing PJs can negatively impact your sleep


When you sleep deeply, your body temperature naturally drops due to cortisol, the chemical that maintains core body temperature. When cortisol is disrupted, it can cause anxiety, overeating and weight gain.

Melatonin and growth hormone levels are also regulated at night and these chemicals help prevent aging. When your body is sleeping in an environment more than 21 degrees, your body heats up too much to effectively use these hormones.

If you’re wearing extra layers that warm you back up again when you don’t necessarily need to be, then you could also interfere with your body’s natural sleep cycle. This means that you’ll have a bad night’s sleep.

2. Skin has time to air out

3 reasons why sleeping naked is good for your health

No restrictive clothing means certain parts of your body have time to air out, like you armpits, feet and private bits.

For women, nakie sleeping prevents yeast infections, since the warm, moist conditions that cause these infections aren’t encouraged. For men, male organs remain at a cooler temperature to keep sperm healthy and the reproductive system will continue to function as normal.

3. Your sex life will see more action

Leonardo DiCaprio Clare Danes

No clothes = lots of arousal. You’re more inclined to be in the mood if you’re already in the nude!

Cuddling without clothing will also release loads of ocytocin, the chemical that helps you feel all those warm fuzzies towards your significant other. 


So really, there's no excuse to NOT be naked when sleeping.

And lets be honest, no PJs is just so much easier anyway!

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