Kate Middleton reveals how she satisfies her sweet tooth while on a diet

By Marni Dixit May 10, 2016
Kate Middleton

How does Kate Middleton do it?! She's the mother of two young children and manages to ALWAYS look good! Well, it seems she's revealed her secret...

According to the International Business Times, the Duchess of Cambridge has a trick for when she's craving something sugary, and you might not like it...

Apparently, instead of saying yes to cookies, cakes and other bad things, she simply blends up almond milk and berries!

Kate Middleton

Well, that sounds more like an (almost) breakfast than a dessert, but if it works...

If Kate is feeling really naughty then she'll snack on a small piece of dark chocolate and gummy candies.

Her sister, Pippa, is also all about keeping trim and has released a 10-week workout routine for the website for British gorcery store, Waitrose.

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