Research has some really weird things to say about vegetarians

By Marni Dixit February 17, 2017

This is pretty crazy if it's true!

If you've got any vegetarian friends, you may want to pass on this info to them! 

A study done by the University of Graz says that contrary to popular belief, vegetarian and vegan diets don't make people healthier. Apparently, it actually means they're likely to get sick more often, are more susceptible to physical and mental disorders, and they have a lower quality of life than people who eat meat. It seems non-meat eaters are more at risk of cancer, have more heart attacks and are more likely to suffer psychological disorders. 


The researchers studied 1,320 people and divided them up into four groups separated by diet – vegetarians, meat eaters who eat lots of fruit and vegetables, people who ate a little meat, and people who ate lots of meat. 

It was revealed that vegetarians were more than twice as likely to have allergies as meat-eaters, were three per cent more likely to get cancer, and a huge 150 per cent more likely to have a heart attack. 

They're also more likely to suffer things such as diabetes, migraines, and osteoporosis. Wow. 

Ron eating chicken

Several other pieces of research also found that people on a vegetarian diet were more likely to be mentally disturbed and have poorer mental health in general! Vegetarians are also to suffer depression, anxiety and eating disorders. 

Meat eaters reportedly have a significantly better quality of life when it comes to physical and psychological health, as well as social relationships.

The study may have found all these things out, but unfortunately, they don't know why exactly this is and said more research needs to be done in the area.