How to bring affordable luxury into your home

By Rebecca O'Malley February 15, 2019

Presented in partnership with Focus on Furniture.

Do you have expensive taste and shallow pockets? We’re teased by visions of luxury across the media but opulence doesn’t have to bankrupt you

It’s your home. Its a space for relaxation, a sanctuary and a safe haven for friends and family. You want your home to look and feel good. 

We’ve lined up some easy, budget-friendly ways to step up the style and turn an empty shell into a space that lends itself to comfort and luxury.

Decide on the style you’re looking for and go from there.

It could be an urban modern look with an emphasis on clean, fuss-free design. Maybe you’re after a Bondi-beach house kind of vibe, full of calming neutrals and shades of blue to echo the sky. Perhaps it’s a retro vibe with an emphasis on minimalism or function that you’re after. Hollywood glam? Industrial chic? It pays to build an overall aesthetic vision before you start looking for individual pieces that will deliver luxe for less

Beautiful bed linen is a great place to start. It looks and feels great, and it’ll help you sleep like royal. You’ll want to stock up on plush pillows and cushions, too — and some extra blankets to keep warm on those chilly nights. 

Light walls will make a space look bigger while artworks and prints can offer a pop of colour and sophistication. Scour local markets for prints and frame them yourself — it’s easy to pick up well-priced frames if the prints are of a standard size. Throw some soft fabrics and sizable mirrors into the mix and you’ve built yourself a plush palace that’s comfortable, stylish and inviting. 

Our final tip: declutter! Turn messy and disorganised to chic sophistication as your furniture and decorative pieces are given the chance to shine. What's more, you can sell your excess pieces and build a budget for decoration. 

Presented in partnership with Focus on Furniture