Aviation experts uncover chilling new MH370 discovery

By Marni Dixit May 14, 2018
malysian arliines plane

Did the pilot “deliberately” avoid detection? 

Aviation experts have re-examined the mysterious route taken by MH370 the day it vanished with 239 people on-board. 

Over four years since the tragedy occurred, experts say they now have more answers about what brought the plane down. 

Simon Hardy, a Senior Boeing 777 pilot and instructor, told 60 Minutes believes the plane was used in a murder-suicide mission by Captain Zaharie Amad Shah. It’s believed that Mr Zaharie flew the plan over his hometown of Penang for an “emotional goodbye”, before he crashed the plane into the Southern Indian Ocean “where it could never be found”

Mr Hardy revealed he made the discovery by recreating Mr Zaharie’s flight plan from the military radar. The pilot avoided detection by flying along the border of Malaysia and Thailand, crossing in and out of each country’s airspace. This is where the plane’s transponder turned off.

“As the aircraft went across Thailand and Malaysia, it runs down the border, which is wiggling underneath, meaning it’s going in and out of those two countries, which is where their jurisdictions are.”

“So both of the controllers aren’t bothered about this mysterious aircraft. Cause it’s, ‘Oh, it’s gone. It’s not in our space anymore’.”

“If you were commissioning me to do this operation and try and make a 777 disappear, I would do exactly the same thing.”

“As far as I’m concerned, it’s very accurate flying and I think it did the job, because we know, as a fact, that the military did not come and intercept the aircraft.”

Many have wondered why the plane ended so far off course in Penang, but Mr Hardy believes it was so Mr Zaharie could see his hometown for the last time. 

“I spent a long time thinking about what this could be, what technical reason is there for this?”

“And after two months, three months of thinking about it, I finally got the answer — somebody was looking out the window.

“It might [have been] a long, emotional goodbye or a short, emotional goodbye to his hometown.”

Former Senior Investigator with the Transportation Safety Board of Canada, Larry Vance told the program the pilot “was killing himself” and took the plane to the most remote place to make it “disappear”. 

“Unfortunately, he was [also] killing everybody else on board, and he did it deliberately.”

“He was taking it to a predestination, some place that he had planned to take it, and he flew that six hours to get it there.”

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull previously said in 2016 that it was “very likely the captain planned this shocking event”. 

A new investigation is expected to end in mid-June. 

Image: Mohd Rasfan/AFP/Getty Images 

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