New breakthrough in Cassie Sainsbury's drug case

By Marni Dixit February 15, 2018

Her sentence might be reduced.

A judge is reportedly considering undisclosed evidence in Australian drug mule Cassie Sainsbury's case. The 22-year-old is currently serving a six-year jail term after smuggling cocaine into Columbia last year.

She was initially facing 30 years in jail after being found with 5.8kg of cocaine inside 18 headphone boxes. The judge will now look into the new evidence which has the potential to lessen the jail term. 

Lisa Evans, Cassie's mother, is travelling to Columbia as her daughter prepares to appear in court according to The Advertiser.

Last year, Cassie did an interview with 60 Minutes and revealed she got in trouble in Columbia after thinking she was going to be a legitimate courier transporting documents for $10,000 plus her flights.

She was asked if she thought the job was too good to be true, to which she responded:

“Yes, but I suppose it was at the point where I needed the money. So I thought, yeah, I’ll do it.”

She says she was sent to Columbia where a man known only as Angelo threatened to kill her mother, sister and fiance. 

Image: Channel Nine