BREAKING: A van has ploughed into more than 10 people in London

By Emily Whitham June 19, 2017

A van has reportedly run into over 10 pedestrians at Finsbury Park Mosque near London

UPDATE: Police confirm one man has died as a result of the incident in London, while eight more were taken to hospital to be treated for wounds. Officers have also announced that the Counter Terrorism Command is carrying out investigations.

A statement released by Metropolitan Police read:

“The driver of the van — a man aged 48 — was found detained by members of public at the scene and then arrested by police in connection with the incident.

“He has been taken to hospital as a precaution, and will be taken into custody once discharged. He will also be subject of a mental health assessment in due course.

“The investigation of the incident is being carried out by the Counter Terrorism Command.

“At this early stage of this investigation, no other suspects at the scene have been identified or reported to police, however the investigation continues.

“Due to the nature of this incident extra policing resources have been deployed in order to reassure communities, especially those observing Ramadan.”

Harun Khan of the Muslim Council of Britain has said the incident was “motivated by Islamaphobia” reports:

“During the night, ordinary British citizens were set upon while they were going about their lives, completing their night worship,” he said. 

“It appears from eyewitness accounts that the perpetrator was motivated by Islamophobia.”

Original story: Breaking news out of London, where a van has reportedly ploughed into over 10 pedestrians at Finsbury Park Mosque.

Police were called to the incident just after midnight after the collision.

Officers are currently on the scene with other emergency services, working through a number of casualties.

One person has been arrested.

There are reports the vehicle veered off the road into crowds outside the Mosque.

It is currently unclear if the collision was deliberate.

More information to come.

IMAGE: Twitter