This humiliating flight fail video is going viral

By Hayley July 17, 2018
Image: Larry Lee / Twitter

An excruciatingly embarrassing video of a passenger trying to stow his luggage has been making the world collectively cringe this week.

The footage shows a male passenger desperately trying to stuff his hand luggage in an overhead compartment - at an inexplicably inconvenient angle.

After unsuccessfully smashing the bag for way too long, he is approached by a flight attendant, who explains that turning the bag onto its side will make things much easier.

He then flips the bag onto its side - and it slides in perfectly. The muffled laughter from another passenger at the end of the video sums up everything.

The video, uploaded to Twitter by Larry Lee, was captioned: “Seriously, how do people like this survive in the world?!"

The post was met with disbelief and amusement - with some calling Larry mean-spirited for shaming the passenger on the Internet.

Larry clarified the video does not belong to him and he simply shared it as he “thought it was amusing”.

Image: Larry Lee / Twitter