Grab the sunscreen 'cause this summer is set to scorch

By Ally Parker October 29, 2018


The Bureau of Meteorology has released their summer forecast with data that promises a hot, dry season.

'How hot?' we hear you ask.

Well, the below from the BoM shows the likelihood of the temperate merely exceeding the median maximum.

Yup. That's a looooot of red for a solid three months.

"November to January days are very likely to be warmer than average for most of Australia. Nights are also likely to be warmer than average, except for areas surrounding the Great Australian Bight," the BoM website explains.

"Chances of a warmer three months are greater than 80% over most of the mainland. Nights are also likely to be warmer than average across Australia, except for southeast WA, southern SA and western Victoria, where the chances of warmer or cooler nights are roughly equal."


The forecast also indicates that large parts of Australia are going to be a smidge dryer than average, particularly during November.

"November to January is likely to be drier than average for large parts of Australia. However, most of the northern tropics and eastern NSW have roughly equal chances of a wetter or drier three months, i.e., no strong push towards a wetter or drier season ahead," the BoM website states.

You can read the full report here.

Image: Getty