Heads Up, Antarctic Winds Are About To Hit Australia

By Madeline Muir July 10, 2019

Don't pack up your hot water bottles just yet...

Winter isn't finished with us yet.

Just when we thought this winter had been pretty mild, some - totally rude - winds in the Antarctic ruined our fun.


The Bureau of Meteorology report not one, but THREE cold fronts will bring freezing temperatures, gale-force winds and heavy rain to South Australia today before turning further north.

Huge gusts of winds up to 90km/h are forecast for South Australia, Victoria and parts of NSW along with a LOT of rain.

Winds are also expected to hit 50km/h in Sydney and 45km/h in Melbourne.

Temps in Canberra will drop to -4C on Sunday, while Tasmania will cop the brunt of the rainfall with up to 150mm.

Brisbane and Perth will be mostly immune to this weather event, both enjoying sunshine and temperature highs in the teens and early 20s, but overnight lows dropping down to single digits.

So, yep. Don’t pack away your thermals and scarves just yet.

And keep that hot water bottle handy.

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Image: BoM