How to bring more zen into your life

By Roberto Damante June 14, 2018

Having a clean bedroom, living area, and working area has a major impact on your overall lifestyle, mental health and well-being.

Decluttering the house is as valuable for the home as it is for your own sanity. Clutter in your home can make you feel depressed, fatigued, anxious, or overwhelmed, while opening the space and re-generating the energy can help boost your attitude and well-being. You might even find some space to try yoga!

Here's our tips why donating your items is good for the mind and good for the soul!

Even the most organised can accumulate

We are socially conditioned to believe that accumualtion of possessions is accounts for something...well, not if it only brings you stress! The minimalist lifestyle isn’t a new idea, but is certainly a trend which has gained momentum in recent years for it's focus on simplifying what we need and therefore clearing out our mind.

Be more mindful 

Every time you redecorate or rearrange the house, you will relish more space and might even find a new parking space in the  garage again! Be mindful about your purchases and be mindful about what's taking up space...remember the rule "one in, and one out". 


Clear out to help out

Donating items to a charity like Brotherhood of St Laurence is one easy way to get the house feel open again, but most importantly having a sense of purpose and connection to the community can really fill up your cup. 

Letting go

Consider getting friends to help out that don't have an emotional attachemnt to items. Remember, your home is meant to bre restorative and not draining!

Treasure only what brings you joy

If your home and living space is a place to relax, then only treasure what brings you joy. No need for holding on to emotional baggage any longer!